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Hotel Sultan Bey El Gouna 6132
Hotel Sultan Bey El Gouna 6132


The Egypt Rally Cup 2010


The Egyptian Rally Cup

Beginn: Freitag, 5. März 2010 um 00:00
Ende: Sonntag, 7. März 2010 um 00:00
Ort: El Gouna

The Egyptian Federation for Motor Sports has chosen El Gouna to host their annual Egypt Rally Cup, the
first of 4 major races! El Gouna is also the main sponsor of Egypt’s number one rally racing team, Rally
Raid Egypt, so watch out for 3 El Gouna branded cars.

PROGRAM Friday 5 March:

•13:00 Parade at Abu Tig Marina, to present the cars to the media and the public for the first time
•15:00 Prologue located opposite the Egybev - Beverage facility in El Gouna in which the participants
will start the first part of the race inside El Gouna, in a round track – maximum 3 km. According
to their order of arrival, the order of start at the actual race commencing the following day will be
decided. This prologue will be observed by the media and the public as well.

PROGRAM Saturday 6 March:

•8:00 Photoshoot in front of the El Gouna Main Entrance Gate.
•8:30 The first race will start in the desert opposite to El Gouna at , and will end in a desert camp where
everybody is going to spend the night.

PROGRAM Sunday 7 March:

• The second leg will Start from the desert camp and ends at El Gouna; with the finish line in the desert in El Gouna.
•15:00 The Gala Lunch and Awarding ceremony (invitees only)

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El Gouna brandet Cars Egypt Rally Cup 2010 (27)
Prolog & Parade (99)
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Egyptian Rally Cup Result
Egyptian Rally Cup Result (El Gouna - Red Sea)
The Egypt Rally Cup 2010

Pokale (El Gouna - Red Sea)
The Egypt Rally Cup 2010


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